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The mission of Fromm is to be the most valued supplier of products and services to our customers.

Emergency Service: 800-360-4441 and Press 4


Fromm Electric is proud to offer Rockwell Automation products and services in our Reading, Pottstown and Schuylkill Haven branches.

The Industrial Automation Group strives to provide the highest level of sales and support in the industry!

The Fromm Industrial Automation Group is committed to helping our customers solve their challenging automation needs with the most cost effective solutions. We focus on your entire system and how it interacts with other areas in your facility. Our goal is a complete solution, not just one product. Everyone of our automation specialists has a good mix of real world experience in many of the areas our customers work in. We’ve seen it, done it, and made it work!

Fromm Industrial Automation Services Include:

  • Project design review and selection of solution components
  • Phased migration strategies for legacy install bases and obsolete systems
  • Complete turn-key solutions through both vendor and local partners
  • Energy-savings consultation for pump and fan applications
  • Repair & remanufacturing services with overnight deliveries.
  • Software solutions to turn plant floor data into business decision information.

Fromm Electric has been focused on industrial automation needs for over 40 years! We have experienced the technology changes since the first PLC to the latest integrated safety controller. Our automation specialists are engineers at heart and their goal is to provide the most comprehensive, cost effective, technologically current solution. We do this while taking into consideration our customers needs and capabilities. Our solutions match your needs from both a production perspective as well as a support perspective. The IAG specialists are experts in variable frequency drives, PLC’s, industrial components, safety, sensors, software, and motor control centers, to name a few!

Why should you call the Fromm Industrial Automation Group?

Save Money
Industrial automation technology has been evolving by leaps and bounds. In the past 2 decades we went from a couple of PLC’s to choose from to dozens, each designed to meet specific needs. Let us help you scale your solution to your needs. Don’t buy more than you need.

Reduce Downtime Costs
Obsolete products are running in your facility. When they fail, there may not be drop-in replacements. We can help you identify those at-risk items and help plan a migration strategy before they fail.

Our specialists are up to speed on the latest technologies in their fields. We can help educate you and your employees on the latest benefits and features. We can also provide CEU based training for your workforce to insure your new investment in technology is running efficiently.

Keep Your Employees Safe
Safety is always of the utmost importance and recent changes to safety policies require more upfront planning in designing safety into a solution. Safety doesn’t have to equal expensive. We can help you design solutions that maximize both safety and profitability.