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The mission of Fromm is to be the most valued supplier of products and services to our customers.

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Fromm Electric Storeroom Solutions 
As the need to do more with less fast becomes standard operating procedure in American business, it is crucial for your company to reduce the cost of procuring, storing and utilizing MRO electrical supplies.

You may be seeking to reduce and consolidate spare parts inventories or automate your storeroom with barcode inventory tracking software or negotiate a sole source supply partnership or implement vendor managed storeroom inventory program or simply reduce procurement costs through negotiated blanket pricing agreements.  In all cases, Fromm Electric has the experience to assist you in meeting your MRO management needs.

Fromm Electric Supply of Reading, PA, has been a regional leader in the electrical supply field since 1958.  Over the past 12 years, Fromm-Reading has opened branch locations in Allentown, Bloomsburg, Harrisburg, Lebanon, Pottstown, ScrantonSchuylkill Haven, and Souderton to gain local market exposure and meet growing customer demands.  A MRO supply contract program has been created to meet expanding customer procurement needs.  With individual supply contracts currently ranging from $20,000 to $2,000,000 in annual MRO purchases, the Fromm organization has the leverage to negotiate local or national vendor agreements and to provide any or all of the value-added services listed below.  

Inventory Analysis

Supply Program Customers who have participated in our inventory analysis process have reduced their spare parts inventories by an average of 20%.  These results have been achieved through consolidation of redundant products, introduction of new technology, removal of slow-moving items, and re-distribution of obsolete material.


Storeroom Automation

If your company has utilized automation technology to improve the efficiency of its manufacturing process, why not consider your storeroom?  Some of the largest overall cost savings can be recognized through automation technologies.  Our on-line storeroom management systems make automated purchasing and receiving, inventory tracking, tool crib management, barcode scanning, and extensive usage reporting both painless and cost effective.  These systems can be used for all commodity groups (not just electrical!) and allow for the creation of custom on-line catalogs for ease of product identification.


Sole Source Agreements

You may have considered Integrated Supply but are not quite sure if your company is ready for it.  Although we are equipped to negotiate and oversee local and national Integrated Supply programs, Sole Source Electrical Supply agreements have proven most rewarding to our Industrial customers.  Through Sole Source purchasing, our customers have achieved drastic transaction cost reductions not to mention lower unit prices!


Local Supply -- We have spent 50 years building the region's most extensive authorized source for world-class electrical products. Through cooperative agreements, we have also established out-sourcing capabilities for all other manufacturer lines, without sacrificing service or support.  Typical Sole Source Supply programs feature committed on-hand inventory quantities and guaranteed lead times for MRO items. Our vast inventory of 30,000+ SKU's eliminates the need to maintain multiple vendors for a single product group!


National Supply Since 1981, our company has been a member of Affiliated Distributors, North America's largest network of independent electrical and industrial distributors.  A-D spun their national accounts program into a new organization called Supply Force. Through Supply Force, Fromm Electric can implement National Supply programs for customers with facilities across the U.S., Canada and Mexico (in many cases, these facilities are already doing business with our affiliate companies).  In addition to all of the services available to local customers, national accounts enjoy the benefits of corporate price negotiation and product standardization, consistent nationwide service guarantees and consolidated reporting and billing along with the service and support of local market leaders!  Of the organizations capable of providing supply programs, SF's purchase power exceeds the volume of ALL national electrical distribution chains combined.


Vendor Managed Inventory/Consignment Programs

While many of our customers are recognized leaders in their own industries, none are experts in the field of electrical distribution!  Despite this, our customers expend vast resources in the process of purchasing and managing storeroom electrical inventories.  Among the supply program services offered by Fromm Electric is Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), which enables our customers to re-deploy valuable resources (time, money and space) to where they are needed the most their own businesses!  Our team of specialists can assist you in maintaining a well-groomed storeroom inventory that meets your spare parts needs and financial asset turnover requirements (not a salesman's commission goals).  Simply put, you get the advantage of Fromm's expertise in the area where WE are the recognized industry leaders, at no additional cost.


Blanket Pricing Agreements

Though all successful supply programs involve a unique blend of value-added service enhancements, we recognize that PRICE is still a major factor in the purchasing process.  After evaluating your inventory movement and buying patterns, our specialists will build a core list of high turnover items and negotiate long term pricing agreements with our vendors on your behalf.  Additionally, by pooling the annual purchases of our many supply program customers, we are able to negotiate the lowest possible cost for each company's MRO item list.  No other electrical distributor has a larger roster of regional MRO contracts than Fromm Electric Supply!  Our supply program customers recognize average savings of 5% 20% on blanket pricing agreements annually.



We recognize our customers' ongoing need to gain increased worker productivity and application skills, and have long been providingproduct-specific training in conjunction with our suppliers.  However, it has become clear that providing technical product data alone is not enough to help our customers develop world-class electrical maintenance and project capabilities.  To this end, Fromm's newly developed series of training opportunities for supply partners delivers more of the crucial tools for our customers' success.  Among these value-added programs are OSHA/safety and Lock-out/Tag-out reviews, introductory and advanced automation classes, energy forums, trouble-shooting seminars and a variety of preventive maintenance courses.  All programs can be held at Fromm's 1,000 square foot training center in Reading, or on-site at our customers' locations.



Fromm Electric teams with the industry's leading manufacturers to supply customers with world-class products, innovative solutions competitive pricing and outstanding service.  The number one thing that we have to sell is VALUE.  If we consistently deliver the highest level of VALUE, we will delight our customers.

- Michael Fromm, President & CEO