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FirstEnergy’s Business Incentive Programs
Announcements and Updates

FirstEnergy is pleased to announce several new developments in the commercial and industrial energy efficiency incentive programs available through their Pennsylvania utility companies – Met-Ed, Penelec and Penn Power.  Below is a summary of the recent updates, enhancements and additions to these programs.  For complete details, please visit the program website,, and click on For Your Business on the right.

  1. Specialty Equipment Incentives program – This program offers incentives and information to encourage participants to install high-efficiency refrigeration, food service and miscellaneous equipment not included in other incentive programs.

The program offers incentives for installation of the following equipment types:

·         Strip curtains for walk-in freezers and coolers

·         Refrigerators and freezers

·         Ice machines

·         Steam cookers

·         Commercial water heaters

·         Pre-rinse sprayers

·         Vending equipment controllers

·         Commercial clothes washers/dryers

·         Smart strip plug outlets


  1. Custom Incentives for Business program – This program offers incentives and information to encourage participants to undertake comprehensive projects to implement specific energy conservation measures.  Under this program, incentives are available to commercial and industrial retail customers of Met-Ed, Penelec and Penn Power.

The Custom Incentives for Business program provides incentives based on the actual energy saved by a project at $0.10 per kWh saved.  This program targets large or complex projects, including new construction and building additions, which incorporate technologies not included in other FirstEnergy incentive programs.

Possible custom projects include:

·         Major industrial process renovations

·         New construction or renovation projects that involve multiple building systems (i.e. lighting, HVAC, and building envelope)

·         Replacement of motors larger than 200 hp

·         Replacement of an existing motor speed control with a new Variable Speed Drive

·         Water/wastewater system improvements

·         Economizers

·         Building control systems such as Demand Control Ventilation or Exhaust Air Heat Recovery

Examples of projects/technologies that DO NOT qualify for this program include:

·         Power factor correction devices

·         Motor soft starts

·         Renewable energy technologies that generate electricity (i.e. solar photovoltaic, wind generation, micro-hydroturbines, etc)

·         Any electric generation projects

·         Fuel switching (i.e. replacement of an electric chiller with an absorption chiller)

  1. Multifamily Program for Common Areas – This program offers special or additional incentives and information to encourage the installation of high-efficiency lighting, including LED exit signs and compact fluorescent lighting, in the common areas of multifamily housing units.

In addition to our other programs, these Incentives are available only to multiple occupancy housing units with more than two family residences on retail electric service accounts in Met-Ed, Penelec and Penn Power service territories. Only lighting retrofit projects of the common areas – such as lobbies, hallways, laundry facilities, mechanical rooms, and storage areas – of multifamily housing units on non-residential rates are eligible for incentives through this program.

Multifamily housing units also are eligible to participate in the following business programs:

·         Motors and Drives Incentives for Business program

·         HVAC Incentives for Business program

·         Streetlighting and Outdoor Area Lighting Incentives program

Single-family residential customers and Federal government-owned multifamily housing units may take advantage of separate programs, which can be found on the website.

  1. Audit and Technical Assistance Provider (ATAP) list – For use in conjunction with the newly released Audits program, this list of audit providers can be found on the website.  Use of providers from this list is NOT required for program participation.  Prospective auditors can apply to be included in the ATAP list by completing the Audit RFQ, also posted on the website.
  2. Program Ally list – This is a voluntary and growing list of contractors, engineers, suppliers and manufacturers who are familiar with the programs and may be able to help you with program participation.  The list can be found on the website.  Prospective program allies who would like to be on the list can submit their information via the ally signup form, also found on the website.
  3. Enhanced forms – New and improved application forms have been published for several programs, including Standard Lighting, Non-Standard Lighting and Motors and Drives.  These new forms contain enhancements and updates to instructions, streamlined layout and better ease of use.  (NOTE: All forms are subject to change without notice, so be sure to use the latest version from the website.)

7.    Weekly webinarsSAIC continues to offer a standing webinar every Tuesday at 2:00 pm, for all interested parties.

The webinar will give an overview of FirstEnergy's business incentive programs, including the following topics:

·         Summary of the programs planned

·         Application instructions

·         Eligibility requirements

·         Additional sources of information

The presentation will be followed by a question and answer period.  Use the following information to join the webinar:

DataXchange web conference login:

Conference Reference:  745965

Attendee Security PIN:  5228573097

Audio Conference Call: 1-800-FON-SAIC (366-7242)

Conference Code: 3401990

  1. Programs making a difference – As of June 30, 2010, only 5 months since the release of the first program, FirstEnergy’s commercial and industrial energy efficiency incentive programs have received more than 1,000 applications, projected to save more than 100 million kilowatt-hours of electricity!  Incentives are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so apply now!

For more information, program application forms and instructions, please visit the website or contact a program representative at

We look forward to helping you reach your energy savings goals!